The Pee Test

Darla takes Matt's rideshare with an agenda but to carry it out, she must pass Matt's strange test.
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The Pee Test

Recommended by

  • Bethany Dickens Assaf:
    8 Mar. 2022
    I was so taken with this charming play: the conversational sparkles, without one false note, moving breezily from beat to beat. I was particularly intrigued and impressed with how Hoke sets things up that build up and pay off (Matt's insistence on no stopping, Darla's devil-may-care-water-drinking) while making the ramp-up look effortless. I have high hopes for Matt and Darla (and their hypothetical grandkids)!
  • Robert Alexander Wray:
    2 Jul. 2021
    To pee or not to pee, that is the question that looms over this charmingly quirky play that's not without a hint of creepy darkness. The way Hoke keeps turning the tables with small but surprising "shifts" keeps you guessing throughout, and leads to a destination that's both satisfying and open-ended to possibilities.
  • Mary Karty:
    1 Jul. 2021
    What seems like small talk of two classmates is really something deep about the nature of love, destiny, and faith in signs and wonders. Both have ridiculous notions of what a sign of compatibility, a whim of a rideshare that seems "crazy" and expecting a human to hold their bladder on a six hour car ride. Charming and delightful.

Character Information

  • Matt
    College guy who posted a ride notice from RIT to NYC for the weekend
  • Darla
    college girl who likes Matt


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