Say Goodbye

"He’s alive, Mordie! He’s alive!" In a European basement lab in 1956, Esthie has discovered something amazing. But will she use it to find peace… or feed her desire for revenge?

Currently a Finalist for the 2022 Jewish Plays Project contest
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Say Goodbye

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  • Heather Helinsky:
    3 Jan. 2023
    This revenge play imaginatively blends a character from the historical Ravensbruck concentration camp with contemporary #metoo, with biblical allusions. I admire the farcical stylistic choices while asking tough questions about confronting your abuser. This play is a unique take on ethical questions surrounding justice for victims while also remaining playful and hitting horror-genre notes. Will Esthie ever find the right words to say to The Body? This play works through the question of "when do we ourselves become monsters?" in an individual's search of a way to heal from trauma.


Current Finalist
Jewish Plays Project