Dmitri and the Witch present How To Live Forever

A big Fuck You to the nature of time. An exploration of obsession, self-love, self-hate, and self-discovery. And clay. Lots and lots of clay. Oh. And baths. And Potions. And circles. And circles. And circles. In the end, it’s all just a little game, isn’t it?
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Dmitri and the Witch present How To Live Forever

Recommended by

  • Christopher Plumridge:
    25 Mar. 2022
    Drawn in by the very first line of the synopsis of this play, I was led into world of clay, witches and time, the like I've never seen before. This is a truly beautiful, poetic, madly insane tour de force which will surely give it's actors a wonderful challenge to bring to life. What I enjoy most about plays like this is that the audience can take any meaning they wish from it, such is the diversity.
    But for me the Witch in her bath is a wonderful notion, or do I mean potion! Wonderful, loving, heartfelt madness!

Character Information

    In the first half of his life,
    Fears life.
    In the second half of his life,
    Fears death.
  • The Witch
    Drenching wet.

Development History

  • Workshop
    Bennington College