A Shero's Journey or What Anacaona and Yemayá Taught Me...

Zoila has had her entire life planned and laid out for her by her family, and society. She finds herself at a crossroads when she falls in love with a friend from the past. When tragedy hits, she decides to risk it all. Leaving everything behind, she meets two ancestral figures and together they embark on a journey that makes Zoila question everything she was ever taught.
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A Shero's Journey or What Anacaona and Yemayá Taught Me...

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  • Nilsa Reyna:
    8 Feb. 2021
    A beautiful shero's tale that leaves you thinking about Zoila and her journey for days. The battle with White Jesus is scary and essential, and left me with chills. Some believe there are no perfect endings, but this play left me "balanced, both internally and externally."
  • Adriano Cabral:
    30 Jun. 2020
    This epic magical journey has everything you could possible want in an adventure story. From tricksters to true goddesses to a battle against white Jesus, this play will tug at your heartstrings and keep you on the edge of your seat. Guadalís is touched by real magic and her writing is the perfect medium.
  • Juan Ramirez, Jr.:
    29 Apr. 2020
    This coming-of-age story is about Zoila, as she feels the yearnings of the past and the hope for the future, both of which are moving her forward into being the protagonist of her own story. She dreams, realizing that pain can last as long as love. With support from family and ancestors, she comes into her own but (with two t's) it's going to take her own dedication to her truth to make the journey. Del Carmen wants you to know that your present self is a beautiful mix of your past and future.

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