Golden State 1969

When a young black man takes his white girlfriend to see the Rolling Stones outside of San Fransisco in Dec. 1969, he inadvertently steps into swirling morass of violence, confusion and the dark underbelly of the hippie dream. Inspired by true events.
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Golden State 1969

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  • Tina Esper:
    1 Sep. 2021
    Golden State 1969 is an epic story about a time when politics, music and danger collided—sending shockwaves through the culture for decades to follow. With characters from the Zodiac Killer to Charles Manson, Mick Jagger and Hunter S. Thompson, this play is a mashup of all that was wonderful, wild and haunting in that fateful year. Bravo, Jared!

Development History

  • Workshop
    Sewanee Writers' Conference