The Great Globe Itself

Dreams become reality when one man's magical experience, while performing on a replica stage of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre during Cleveland’s 1936 Great Lakes Exposition, inspires him to rebuild the original playhouse on the River Thames. From London to the shores of Lake Erie and back again, what's past is truly prologue in an inspiring tale of three Globe Theatres that are forever united by history.
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The Great Globe Itself

Recommended by

  • Tom Erb:
    19 May. 2024
    This play combines creative dialogue and well-developed characters and weaves historical richness with contemporary resonance. The plot unfolds with precision, while the tone balances reverence and innovation. Themes of theatrical legacy and human experience are crystal clear, mirroring Hansen’s own eloquent style. It touched my heart and got hearty laughter! The bard tributes were Great! It's a must-read. Would like to see this staged and produced.
  • Monica Cross:
    19 Mar. 2020
    This play tugged at my heart, and made me laugh out loud! From a plot to cheat Shakespeare to trying to get a part on Doctor Who, this play looks at 3 different Globes at 3 different times, but all surrounding one body of work. This is a play about legacy, and David Hansen highlights the power of words by sprinkling Shakespeare's lines throughout the script. This play is irreverent one minute and pays homage to the bard the next. It is smart, and funny, and very sad all at the same time. READ THIS PLAY, AND THEN PRODUCE IT!
  • Claudia Haas:
    11 Apr. 2018
    This is an intricate and beautiful melding of history, theatre, it's people and the Great Globe Itself. Past meets present and there will be a future. Three time periods are carefully delineated and each have their own energy and reason to be. The characters drift in and out of time (not unlike Doctor Who - who is cleverly inserted into the play). Hansen pays homage to the early greats but is not afraid to satirize with sly dialogue adding to the fun. The choices of the Bard's plays sing and highlight the conflict in the scenes. A must read.

Character Information

  • One
    Burbage, Other Kid, Cranmer, Stage Manager, Brutus, Crowd, Andrew
  • Two
    Fletcher, Talker, Sam, Benjamin
  • Three
    Lowin, Winsor Mackey, Kid, Henry VIII, John, Crowd, Clement

Production History

  • Professional
    Great Lakes Theater