Letter of the Law

A ONE-MINUTE PLAY: Seven year-old Sydney is not happy with her Christmas present.
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Letter of the Law

Recommended by

  • Vivian Lermond:
    6 Apr. 2020
    A quirky little Christmas play with quick banter and a very unexpected resolution. Would be a unique, charming addition to any holiday shorts festival!
  • Cheryl Bear:
    22 Apr. 2019
    I love this! This is so perfect and completely nails it. Parent or non-parent, the audience will love it!
  • Jennifer O'Grady:
    4 Jan. 2019
    A lot is packed into this short play about mother-daughter relationships and how we parents sometimes want things so badly for our kids that we can't always see what THEY want. Would make a great addition to a holiday-themed play fest.

Character Information

    Her daughter.

Production History

  • Community Theater
    Stage Left Theater