The Stakeout

Two teenage girls watch every move inside a large house from their post in the yard. For one, it’s a chance to emulate her TV heroes; for the other, an opportunity to glimpse the father she’s never known.
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The Stakeout

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  • Nick Malakhow:
    17 Mar. 2020
    An excellent vehicle for two young women, "The Stakeout" is a brief but potent piece about family, identity, and friendship. In ten short pages, Mavromatis fully renders two distinct and compelling characters, clearly establishes their relationship, and provides a compelling turning point for one in particular. Not a word is wasted here, and each line of dialogue is in service to the storytelling. The end is a gut punch of glorious ambiguity--pain, relief, hope, fear. This should be a go-to ten minute piece for teen and young adult actors.
  • John Minigan:
    4 Feb. 2020
    This is a finely wrought piece that manages to capture both the friendship of these two characters in clear detail and the emotional distance between them as one revels in the adventure of a stakeout and one faces her longing, her fear, and her loss. The move from a comic and slightly mysterious opening--what are the stakes in this stakeout?--to a powerful and brave conclusion is clear and compelling. A gorgeous play, with great roles for both performers.


Heideman Award
Actors Theatre of Louisville