Two womxn in a bathroom wrestle with being mediocre people. The girl in the middle stall wrestles with an applicator-less tampon.
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  • Emma Goldman-Sherman:
    20 Jan. 2019
    Krause has written a funny and philosophical play about how to consider living in this crazy ruined world for young women who have the most at stake for just starting out and not having made too many huge errors yet and the terror of the futures that await them depending on the choices they make. I felt for them all, especially the bloody one!
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    17 Jan. 2019
    A fantastic short piece that isn’t afraid to get down and dirty (or bloody). Krause manages to fit in so much life in the brief pages, as well as three rich and full characters ready for actors to step in to. I’m excited to read more of her work.
  • Shaun Leisher:
    17 Jan. 2019
    A raw, visceral short play that really lets you into the messiness of female life both existentially and physically. The use of the bathroom stall location invites the audience into a rarely visited place and Krause completely subverts expectations by the conversation that is being had between Beck and T. I'm all for more plays set in bathrooms that combine the unexpected and natural.

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