Year One

A populist’s rise to power exacerbates mounting political and social divisions. When Anna’s brother Max arrives unexpectedly, harboring a dangerous secret, the family matriarch is forced to choose between embracing a radical new country or saving those she loves.
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Year One

Recommended by

  • Johanna Griese:
    16 Dec. 2021
    I have been using the opening monologue for auditions - its beyond powerful and sadly still resonates. I just re read it- my heart breaks especially for Max and Anna. So well done.
  • Cheryl Bear:
    17 Sep. 2021
    A powerful look inside political extremism and the division that gets wider. How does this affect one on the individual level especially when there are loved ones at stake. Well done.

Development History

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    Summer Playwrights Festival at The ROAD Theatre, Los Angeles

Production History