Good Guy with a Gun

A game show to decide who is a good guy with a gun, not a bad guy with a gun.
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Good Guy with a Gun

Recommended by

  • Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend:
    11 Dec. 2022
    “We shouldn’t have to keep track of gun owners like they’re criminals or car owners.” What I love about this 10 min play is how sharp and funny it is, despite the fact that it was written in rage and horror. I am definitely the choir this play is preaching to, and it makes me feel less alone. I’m a big fan of hiding your lecture in humor, like a heartworm pill in cheese, and this play does it very successfully.
  • John Busser:
    22 Apr. 2022
    Putting a gun control question through a funhouse mirror of a game show may sound crazy, but it doesn't come close to the absurdity Philip Kaplan displays here in this BRILLIANT satire on our obsession with guns. Kaplan hits everything he aims at and his targets are well deserved. It's just too bad the intended audience for a piece like this will be too busy out on a shooting range somewhere (or worse yet, a supermarket or park setting) taking aim at would-be imaginary transgressors.
  • Maggie Goscinski:
    8 Jan. 2019
    This play is hilarious and horrifying at the same time. You probably know each of these characters in your lives and it's scary as hell. This witty play uses the gameshow to its advantage and keeps things remarkably light while exploring dark, relevant themes.

Production History

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    The Loft Theatre