Night Creatures

On a snowy day after Christmas, three NJ animal shelter employees hold down the fort. With the inclement weather comes a lull in the everyday bustle of the shelter, and the group's interactions soon expand to fill the space. This play is about animals, the humans who disappoint them, and the unexpected individuals who try to make things right.
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Night Creatures

Recommended by

  • Shaun Leisher:
    29 May. 2022
    A brilliant workplace drama.
  • Cavan Hallman:
    18 Jun. 2020
    We produced a reading of this script for Mirrorbox Theatre's "Out the Box" series and it has proven to be one of our audiences' favorite presentations. The pace of the piece is masterful. It is written in a hyper-naturalistic style, a la Annie Baker, that manages to capture the poetry and silences of everyday people living their everyday lives. The climax is deeply cathartic and this single-set play would make a great production for any size theatre company. Highly recommended!
  • Nick Malakhow:
    6 Feb. 2020
    I really enjoyed this tightly written and well-structured script. Hehir mines the minutiae of day to day work to explore human relationships and the everyday desire to be a fulfilled, happy, and upstanding individual (and how all those things interact with one another). Each character is well-drawn, believable, and able to evoke humor and pathos. This is an excellent example of a piece that examines little seismic shifts between people and that accurately captures all the glory, frustration, and awkwardness of coworkers. I'd love to see this real-time play on its feet.

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    The Tribe Theater Company