FULL-LENGTH: Ah Ma, the rag-and-bone woman, is unaware of the new law recently passed by the Singapore Government, where all rubbish that is thrown away is now government property. Now she must navigate this new world, where scavengers can no longer count on recycling for income.
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Recommended by

  • David Hansen:
    12 Apr. 2018
    The setting is modern Singapore, where a law has been established making the collection of trash for the purpose of sale illegal. There are so many words for trash; rubbish, yes, and garbage, waste, and refuse. This last seems best to communicate that which is worthless, discarded. It can be a verb; something turned away, refused. The protagonist, an eighty-eight year old woman for whom this law means the end to her livelihood, selling scavenged cans and cardboard. In the end, it is clear that people can be refuse, too. A surreal story told with humor and heart. Highly recommended!

Development History

  • Workshop
    National Arts Council of Singapore


Runner Up
24-Hour Playwriting Competition