A Nice Indian Boy

Naveen Gavaskar just wants a traditional Hindu marriage to a nice Indian... boy. While his parents are trying to wrap their heads around this strange idea, his older sister returns home and drops a bombshell of her own. A comedy about love and marriage today- gay or straight, arranged or not.
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A Nice Indian Boy

Recommended by

  • Emily Russell:
    14 May. 2020
    All characters have great voice and senses of themselves. Tension regarding their identities is revealed with humor, making for a fast-moving, funny play!
  • Christina Quintana (CQ):
    10 Jul. 2018
    I first met Madhuri through the Alliance/Kendeda program where I saw the world premiere of IN LOVE AND WARCRAFT, and have since fallen in love with her warm, sharply drawn characters. Her worlds are punchy, funny, and real, and I am such a fan of this play and her voice.
  • Brian James Polak:
    16 Mar. 2015
    Madhuri is fantastically skilled at juxtaposing the familiar with unfamiliar, ultimately presenting stories that creep up on you unexpectedly... A Nice Indian Boy is such a story. Hilarious and punchy and heartfelt.

Production History

  • Professional
    Rasaka Theatre Company, Chicago
  • Professional
    East West Players, Los Angeles