Eight-year-old Izzy and Five-year-old JJ try to understand their grandmother's death, and in the process take young audiences on a wild journey. Best suited for children 4 through 9.
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Recommended by

  • Cheryl Bear:
    4 May. 2021
    An important and vital play for children as they work through the feelings and understanding around grief. Well done.
  • C. Michael Perry:
    23 Jul. 2020
    I have read this play in both of its versions, 6-person cast, and 2-person cast, and the story it tells is powerful and the permission it gives to not just the children in the audience, but the adults as well, to allow themselves to be and feel and do is vital. Well done, Elaine!
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    29 Mar. 2019
    I think it's so important to talk to kids about hard things. They have to figure out how to deal with grief and death, and hiding this unfortunate fact of life from them doesn't do them any favors. I got to see RIVER.SWAMP.CAVE.MOUNTAIN., and bring my kids to see it, when it was produced at Plan-B. It was engaging, thoughtful, and funny.

Development History

  • Commission
    Plan-B Theatre

Production History

  • Professional
    Plan-B Theatre (which toured Utah, taking the play to 15,000 K-3 students)