Zeph and Violet: A Race Romance

A Hasidic Jewish man who breaks into a Black woman's home, during a blizzard, to confess his love for her years after the Crown Heights Riots.
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Zeph and Violet: A Race Romance

Recommended by

  • Maximillian Gill:
    21 Dec. 2023
    Love is complicated, and so are race relations. Putting the two together in a way that fully explores the various complexities and still arrives at a meaningful resolution is a formidable task, but Adams has succeeded masterfully with this tightly constructed two-hander. Zeph and Violet are both wholly original creations, and the writer skillfully captures them at two very different times in their lives. Exploring two versions of a crucial night is a fascinating device, one which has ramifications that sit with the reader long after the play's close. The humor crackles and infuses the piece with joy. Wonderful work.
  • Morey Norkin:
    4 May. 2022
    With the 1991 riots in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn as its background, Zeph and Violet: A Race Romance tells the story of an unexpected relationship between a young Hasidic Jewish man and a young Black woman. The characters are both quirky and charming and you can’t help but want for their happiness. Krystle Adams does a terrific job of dealing sensitively yet honestly with issues of religious and racial differences. An optimistic, hopeful piece. Something we could use more of.

Character Information

  • Zeph
    17 and 30's,
    Hasidic Jewish
  • Violet
    16 and 30's,
    Caribbean; Haitian-American

Development History