the old jew who begat scrooge, on his deathbed

As Jewish banker Ephraim Stein prepares to meet his maker, he's visited by three ghosts — Shylock, Scrooge, and Mrs. Maisel — who've come to warn him about how he'll be remembered to history, immortalized by Dickens.

Written as part of the 2021 McCarter Theatre Center's Paula Vogel Christmas Carol Bake-Off.
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the old jew who begat scrooge, on his deathbed

Recommended by

  • Zoe Senese-Grossberg:
    5 Oct. 2023
    Sharp, funny, and at times so surprisingly beautiful. Asks all the questions about Jews in the literary canon that every Jewish reader and writer has every been troubled by.
  • Arthur M Jolly:
    26 Mar. 2022
    A witty, clever exploration into the nature of literary stereotypes and the humanity that gets bypassed when a writer - even Dickens or Shakespeare - portrays only their own preconceptions. The play is also a sweet, wonderful reflection on the meaning of life and the nature of death, and manages to encompass so much depth and heart in only ten minutes - beautifully written.
  • Jacob Surovsky:
    16 Dec. 2021
    Wow, this is a great piece. So beautifully touches on the often complex relationship between Judaism and Christmastime with humor and poetry.

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