Once I Was a Kingdom

In this 10-minute play, a powerful white American female politician currently involved in a grueling campaign brings in a female Syrian Arab psychic to read her past lives in exchange for getting the psychic's children out of Syria. The psychic herself is the reincarnation of the famous second-century queen and military mastermind Zenobia of Palmyra.
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Once I Was a Kingdom

Recommended by

  • Steven G. Martin:
    15 Dec. 2019
    Cooper-Novack's short drama is a kaleidoscope: It's a constantly shifting portrait of the concepts of power and powerlessness, of being "important" and being "everyday," all through the lenses of contemporary times and ancient history.
  • Lainie Vansant:
    7 Aug. 2019
    This is a beautifully constructed piece - the characters are fascinating, and the reader/audience gets little hints about what's going on and why all the way up to the last page. It has great roles for two mature women, and those roles are powerful and commanding. "Once I Was a Kingdom" is timely and creative - check it out!
  • Tiffany Antone:
    19 Mar. 2019
    Super interesting take on politics today - surprising world with interesting and engaging characters. Asks some important and timely questions of the characters and of the audience. Evocative and relevant!

Character Information

  • Zeynab
    A powerful, commanding presence. The reincarnation of second-century queen and military leader Zenobia of Palmyra. Extremely down-to-earth, particularly for a practicing psychic, and very cautious given her current situation.
  • Sally
    An American presidential candidate. Sharp, personable, hawkish. Means what she says, even when she's oblivious.