SHORT. A group of comfort dogs - a leader and some dogs that recently graduated from training school - comfort a nurse in a hospital room. A gun-control play in one-minute.
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  • Liz Dooley:
    30 Jun. 2019
    The jarring nature of this play makes its emotional impact hit that much harder. Devastating in its succinctness, and a strong call-to-action vis a vis gun violence. I’m genuinely rooting for these dogs, and not just because I love dogs—and despite, as the Nurse points out, the fact that they won’t solve the problem alone.
  • Franky D. Gonzalez:
    12 Dec. 2018
    It goes from silly to sobering in an instant. Asher's work is to playwriting what the haiku is to poetry. Short, moving, minimalistic, and all-encompassing. Each short piece Asher is a lesson in economy that more playwrights could follow and learn from. Read this play. Take it in, let yourself go into the world created on this page.
  • Claudia Haas:
    10 Mar. 2018
    And there aren’t enough therapy dogs to comfort what is happening in America. In one minute we move from “aww, cute” to “funny” to a “breathless sorrow.”

Development History

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    Protest Project Plays, Nu Sass Productions at the Pinch, Washington DC