A one-minute play addressing the sad nonchalance of active shooter drills in schools.
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Recommended by

  • Steven G. Martin:
    18 Jun. 2019
    The aftermath of mass shootings is immediate, catastrophic loss. But there is insidious loss, too. Kaplan's short play shows this with its focus on tone, action, and coincidence. Very well written.
  • Asher Wyndham:
    15 Sep. 2018
    I saw this short play performed in Minneapolis at Safety Off, a production on gun control awareness and activism. A teacher's lesson on a poem is interrupted by a lock down drill, and the students and teachers react as if they've done this a million times. It's a sad play, but a powerful one that could do more than make you shake your head in disgust at America; it could inspire you do something, vote for politicians who are for gun control or simply start a conversation with others.
  • Elana Gartner:
    1 Aug. 2018
    This snapshot of the now commonplace experiences of our children was shattering. How can they possibly be growing up with this? Kaplan kicks our guts with this understated piece.

Character Information

  • Voice of Vice-Principal
  • Teacher
  • Students (at least 2)

Production History

  • Fringe
    NY Indie 1-Minute Play Festival
  • University
    Gi60 Festival