A one-minute play addressing the sad nonchalance of active shooter drills in schools.
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Recommended by

  • Asher Wyndham:
    15 Sep. 2018
    I saw this short play performed in Minneapolis at Safety Off, a production on gun control awareness and activism. A teacher's lesson on a poem is interrupted by a lock down drill, and the students and teachers react as if they've done this a million times. It's a sad play, but a powerful one that could do more than make you shake your head in disgust at America; it could inspire you do something, vote for politicians who are for gun control or simply start a conversation with others.
  • Elana Gartner:
    1 Aug. 2018
    This snapshot of the now commonplace experiences of our children was shattering. How can they possibly be growing up with this? Kaplan kicks our guts with this understated piece.
  • Tiffany Antone:
    26 Mar. 2018
    This moving (and very short) piece is a great way to start off an evening or afternoon of gun-conscious work (it's a part of the Playwrights Say Never Again collection). Honored to be able to share this on our ONSTAGE: ON-AIR podcast. Gets you thinking and feeling in under two pages - bravo!

Character Information

  • Voice of Vice-Principal
  • Teacher
  • Students (at least 2)

Production History

  • Fringe
    NY Indie 1-Minute Play Festival
  • University
    Gi60 Festival