The Ring

A young woman tries to consign her engagement ring after the violent death of her fiancé.
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The Ring

Recommended by

  • Lee Lawing:
    9 Sep. 2018
    Gut-wrenching tribute to victims of gun-violence. Burbano captures that confusion and uncertainty of losing a loved-one so well in her ten minute play and the last line is one of sheer poetry!
  • Ricardo Soltero-Brown:
    29 Jun. 2018
    The monologue about laughing is one of the best pieces of writing I’ve had the honor to come across in a long time, how abominable the circumstances that engendered it. This is truly heartbreaking work. From the moment Andie walks in, the play tells you a sin has occurred, an offense against god. This is an astonishing play, a work that pits its characters against morality of an ethereal, intangible kind. This is pure drama bred from real death and tragedy.
  • Paul Vintner:
    28 Jun. 2018
    There is a startling relevancy to this devastating short play. The shooting referred to in THE RING happened in January 2011. I am writing this recommendation merely hours after yet another shooting occurred in Baltimore (and I just happened upon this by chance—I had no idea about the subject of the piece.) It feels like mass shootings are so commonplace in the United States these days, they don't even shock us anymore. In fact, we expect them. We must continue to create, perform, and use art like this to fight for a change.

Production History

  • Professional
    Code Red Theatre Action Gun Control