The Ring

A young woman tries to consign her engagement ring after the violent death of her fiancé.
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The Ring

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  • Steven G. Martin:
    3 Dec. 2020
    I'm in tears.

    Burbano writes with so much precision not only about the tragic facts of this loss, but how Andie feels when thinking about this loss. So many details in such a short amount of time on stage that an audience will be in tears about how life can become so unfair, devastating, and senseless so quickly. And how living through it may be impossible.
  • DC Cathro:
    22 Jul. 2020
    A heart wrenching tale of what could have been, one life lost literally, and another lost and wandering. Stuck in a limbo when her fiancé is killed, we see the anguish of not only losing your love, but finding that you don’t have a place in the world they left behind. Powerful.
  • Emily Hageman:
    22 Jul. 2020
    Absolutely gorgeous and heartbreaking. This is such a beautiful short play, and so incredibly powerful. It is well worth a read. Tender, lovely, and very moving.

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    Code Red Theatre Action Gun Control