It's the staircase in the woods again. You know the one. Mysterious, abandoned, the one everyone says you shouldn't climb. Well—maybe if you did, everything would be different. Maybe you would become something else entirely. Something you've always feared you secretly already were.
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Recommended by

  • Shaun Leisher:
    14 Oct. 2023
    A tender play about sibling relationships and gender exploration. Lots of potential for creative sound design in this play.
  • Jan Rosenberg:
    6 May. 2023
    Loved the sibling relationship in this play, loved the acceptance these characters had for each other as they lived their truths. I love a queer horror play in the woods!
  • Playwrights Foundation:
    28 Dec. 2022
    The community of national & local readers for the Bay Area Playwrights Festival in 2022 enthusiastically recommends ISABEL as a Semi-Finalist at Playwrights Foundation. We highly enjoyed this play's revolutionary vision of family and reflections on childhood. This is a piece that intentionally confuses and traps the reader within it through world-building. We were compelled by this play's promise in its sly humor, gender exploration, and non-traditional structure. We hope this play is widely read, finds dedicated collaborators, and moves swiftly towards production. #BAPF2022

Character Information

  • Matt
    late 20s,
  • Isabel
    pronouns are: Isabel, genderfuckery, Trans, Nonbinary, genderqueer
  • Harriet
    mid 20s,
    could be cis, but only if you really gotta

Development History

  • Reading
    New York Theatre Workshop

Production History

  • University
    The New School


Bay Area Playwrights Festival