Hugo Saves May!

FULL LENGTH: A year-round Christmas store is going out of business and Hugo, a longtime loyal customer, refuses to accept the news.

Commissioned by Roaring Epiphany Production Company
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Hugo Saves May!

Recommended by

  • Cheryl Bear:
    22 Jun. 2022
    A moving story of the power of Christmas and the childhood memories we try to hold on to. Well done.
  • Jarred Corona:
    24 May. 2022
    Grief is this complicated creature. All across the internet, slathered in countless books and plays, there's advice from people on how they've dealt with it. Yet still, none of us know, not really, how to kill it. It comes. It eases. It returns. We cry. We search. Sometimes it drowns us. Hope and joy are similar creatures. The three fight, but they're siblings. Steven Hayet's play starts in a sort of jubilation. Whacky antics draw out smiles. Then joy goes to sleep, and grief wakes. But he reminds us, grief sleeps, too. As it yawns, hope starts to stir.
  • Dianne Nora:
    23 Apr. 2022
    This delightful, heartwarming story will give audiences the feeling of Christmas magic any time of the year. It moves quickly, with great jokes peppered among tender moments of nostalgia and warmth.

Character Information

  • HUGO McGee
    Gus from "Psych" meets Dug from "Up."
  • MAYA Kaplan
    Mila Kunis in "A Bad Moms Christmas" meets Dante from "Clerks."
    Hugo's mother.
  • RACHEL Kaplan
    Maya's mother, co-owner of Yuletide Cheer Holiday Store

Development History

  • Commission
    Roaring Epiphany Production Company
  • Reading
    Roaring Epiphany Production Company