Reason for Return

Full length. Gail's dress shop falls on hard times after a tragedy in the community. She and her daughter Abby try to deal with the repercussions but things spiral downward and come to a head when Gail discovers that Abby may have unwittingly caused it all.

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Reason for Return

Recommended by

  • Kevin Blair:
    10 May. 2023
    DC writes family drama SO WELL. The intimate scenes between mom and daughter, as well as daughter and boyfriend, and even mom's boyfriend and daughter, will all pull at your heart. Bombs are dropped, but recovered by extreme love and support. A great perspective on how guns can harm all parts of a community. This plays flows so well, and will have you wanting more from Cathro.
  • Emily McClain:
    4 Jun. 2021
    This play takes on the nearly impossible task of putting a personal, human face on a school shooting by making the cancellation of the classic teenage rite-of-passage (the PROM!) a flashpoint for more conflict in the horrifying aftermath. Cathro's intergenerational relationships are all amazing in this play, but the relationship between the mother & daughter at the center of this piece is absolute gold. The staging possibilities are exciting for a director & design team and the content brings up difficult issues we need to address. Brilliant work!
  • Nick Malakhow:
    30 Dec. 2020
    This piece takes the huge and all too relevant topic of gun violence and explores it in an intimate fashion through the lens of the event's impact on a family and their small business. The relationship between Gail and Abby is really the star here, and it is displayed with humor, warmth, pathos, and nuance. In looking at this tight constellation of people, Cathro comprehensively examines the fear, anger, confusion, and destabilization in the wake of this terrible tragedy.

Development History

  • Reading
    Keegan Theatre Boiler Room Reading Series, Washington DC
  • Reading
    Maryland Ensemble Theatre MetLab Reading Series

Production History

  • Professional
    PREMIERE, 3 Brothers Theatre, Waukegan, IL