Rosaline Wrecked It All

If only Rosaline had gone to the party, Romeo and Juliet would never have met and all would be OK in Verona. In this modern-day sequel to Romeo and Juliet, Rosaline is blamed for everything that went down and fights to clear her name and place the blame where she feels it belongs - anywhere but on her.

Available as both a full-length and one-act competition version.
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Rosaline Wrecked It All

Recommended by

  • sisley carretas:
    24 Jan. 2024
    The story we didn't know we needed. Full of greatly timed humor and true lessons about life. No matter who you are, there is something in this piece that you can latch onto. A piece of my heart stays with this play.
  • Christopher Bruno:
    27 Sep. 2023
    This is such an upbeat and fun play. The modern twist really sets the play up in such a relatable and understandable way but keeps the original magic of Shakespeare’s classic. This is absolutely one of my favorite plays. Audiences of all ages will leave with something to take away.
  • Cheryl Bear:
    10 Mar. 2022
    A great spin on Shakespeare that has some lessons to teach about how things work out and how we move on to what's next.

Development History

Production History

  • High School
    Wooster High School


Outstanding Production of a Contemporary Dramatic Play
Montclair State University High School Theatre Night Awards