Plague Play

Does violence simply beget more violence? Aaron discovers his body is simply a vessel to destroy a civilization. Supernatural disasters ravage his oppressors, as well as his own body, mind, and soul. His little brother Moses is able to see what is to come...and it's not very pretty. They are frightened, they are emboldened, and they have no idea what they're actually doing. An adaptation of the Book of Exodus: Chapters 7-11.
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Plague Play

Recommended by

  • Lainie Vansant:
    12 May. 2023
    Proctor fearlessly tackles big questions about God, suffering, and what exactly we owe to the people around us, especially our enemies. This is a fascinating piece with lots of spiritual and practical challenges to grapple with.
  • Brandon Urrutia:
    10 May. 2023
    Guilt is a powerful weapon. Proctor skillfully adapts the early chapters of Exodus to create a piece that opens up these biblical figures and showcases their deepest feelings out on stage for the world to enjoy.
  • Ian Thal:
    11 Mar. 2023
    Proctor's "Plague Play" is once hilarious absurdist comedy, animal-themed magic show, and body horror; taken from the most troubling sequence from the Exodus story. The poetic and profane coexist as plagues emerge from Aaron's body, and Moses sees those with whom he grew up die one after another. At the same time, Aaron and Miriam find themselves bonding with their long lost younger brother Moses and his wife Tzipporah.

Character Information

  • Aaron
    An enslaved Hebrew. Moses’s older brother and Miriam's twin. His body is used as a vessel to bring forth the Plagues. Always the pessimist.
    The Wicked Child.
  • Moses
    A Hebrew-born, Egyptian-raised, Midianite-transplant. It’s complicated. Granted with the ability to see what is to come.
    The Simple Child.
  • Miriam
    An enslaved Hebrew. Moses’s older sister and Aaron’s twin. Has an innate sense of hope. Always the optimist.
    The Wise Child.
  • Tzipporah
    A Midianite. Moses’s wife and sister-in-law to Aaron and Miriam. Kind of just along for the ride.
    The Child Who Does Not Know How To Ask.

Development History

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    Uncle Mike Productions