How to Lose a Sleep Paralysis Demon in 10 Days

Host suffers from Sleep Paralysis. Demon's purpose is to haunt Host. They are not meant to fall in love. In this Horror-Rom/Com, these two beings intertwine and discover their fears, their hopes, and the elusiveness of self-love over the course of 10 sleepless nights.
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How to Lose a Sleep Paralysis Demon in 10 Days

Recommended by

  • Ally Varitek:
    8 Jan. 2024
    This play is funny and sad and horrific and beautiful. I always adore the coming-of-age of the secrets we are too afraid to say out loud. Parker Gray’s deft slaloms between wit, boldness, and vulnerability provide playground for both actors and their audiences in this play. It only helps that he is artistically savvy and lovely to work with. The dialectic and physical landscapes in this play are also rich & a designer's dream. I fell in love with the characters’ quirks, gasped at their mistakes, and cried at their endings. I cannot wait to see this produced!

Development History

  • Residency
    Digital Development Project