Squared (Ten Minute Play)

Ellie and Jonathan go on their second date to the newest, hot restaurant owned by a famous chef, only to find that their tastes are too divergent for them to continue dating. Some irreconcilable differences are more irreconcilable than others.
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Squared (Ten Minute Play)

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  • Joe Swenson:
    11 Jun. 2022
    Love this play. It pokes fun at the “foodies”, the elite, the awkwardness of a 2nd date, etc. Marcia has built 2 wonderfully complex characters while teasing the audience with the mystery of the restaurant. The server serves as a narrator and moderator of this date. It’s all brilliantly crafted and honestly, I’d probably try the food. Great work!
  • Debra A. Cole:
    2 Jun. 2022
    Poking fun at food trends and the gastro-elite is so much fun with the delightful short play. The dialogue between the diners.. and the server... is sharp, witty, and perfectly absurd!
  • Andrew Martineau:
    28 May. 2022
    I never could have imagined a restaurant scene involving a recycling of gourmet food and a second date causing so much distress, but this play is fresh, funny and loaded with social commentary. It made me think about the whole “farm to table” trend in a different light and consider what might be going overboard on how we consume new (or perhaps old) food while paying exorbitant prices for the experience. I give this the highest ranking—three stars!

Character Information

  • Ellie
  • Jonathan
  • Server