TTC and all the other acronyms IDK

At a time when Lou is in desperate need of support, she finds a group of women who are all, at present, trying to conceive. Via monthly check-ins, they help each other navigate the absurdities, complexities, and deeper meaning behind conception, motherhood, and who your body belongs to.
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TTC and all the other acronyms IDK

Recommended by

  • Samantha Cooper:
    29 Jun. 2022
    Tis play is a wonderful exploration of how important camaraderie is during some of the most private and difficult moments in life. Every character has a different experience and each experience is treated with equal weight which makes it easy to find many things to connect with throughout the story. With both laugh-out loud and beautifully heartbreaking moments, this story a wonderful arc, great parts of actors, and a surprise visit from Blood Mary.

Character Information

  • LOU
    The new one with no kids, a 250,000 mile HHR that’s about to kick the bucket, and gauzy dreams of being a parent. Lou’s been married to a loving partner for three years and has been TTC for five months. *doubles as BLOODY Mary Tudor
    The annoying optimist who considers it their calling to be the mom of the group. They have a partner of seven years and a set of twins going through their F-You fours. They’ve been TTC their third child for two years. *doubles as SECRETARY
    She’s everyone’s pregnant sourcebook, and a natural mediator. She’s got three kids (ages 6-2), no financial doomsdays hanging over her head, and a selfless generous disposition. She is four months pregnant at the start of the play. *doubles as LORD
    She’s the hopeful/hopeless barely holding it together every month. She has a husband of almost one year, a conservative family hinging on possible pregnancy hints, and no kids. She’s been TTC for eleven months. *doubles as COURTIER
  • MAZE
    The hardass no nonsense realist, regardless of how it sounds, or other people’s feelings. No kids, a divorce, two miscarriages under the belt, and a new relationship on stilts. Maze has been TTC for five years total. *doubles as MESSENGER

Development History

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    Suzanne Roberts Theatre