Frances Browning has spent her life traveling the world reading first edition books. She finds herself in a magical library high atop a mountain, but when the final book on her list turns up missing, Frances refuses to leave.

A story about the books we read and the stories we tell.
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Recommended by

  • Emma Goldman-Sherman:
    8 May. 2018
    Beautiful play about the fleeting nature of life! The characters are so wonderfully drawn, and their secrets are deep, and they have great desires that keep them pressing onward. It feels like a fairy tale for grown ups. And sometimes it is only a fairy tale that satisfies.
  • David Hansen:
    26 Apr. 2018
    Two women at cross-purposes meet in a library, and the reluctant search for a rare book is on. Wilder's crackling dialogue is positively Beckettian, expressing frustration and futility with knowing wit and absurdity. This is a magical tale about the things we keep, the tasks left undone, and the fear of making connection with those best-suited to take the journey with us. An outstanding four-person piece and highly recommended!

Development History

  • Workshop
    Alabama Shakespeare Festival Southers Writers' Project

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