The Gorilla

Produced in 2019 by Primal Theatre (U.K.). Finalist for Cast Iron Short Play Night.

(10 Min) Myra hates her low-level job and is barely clinging to her ambitious zoo-administrator boyfriend. When a gorilla at the zoo begins taking a marked and surprising interest in Myra, she finds her life transforming--but for better or worse?
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The Gorilla

Recommended by

  • John Weagly:
    13 Jul. 2019
    There's a lot going on in this thoughtful short play.
  • Cheryl Bear:
    2 Jul. 2019
    We can't ignore or shut off our hearts when it comes to the well being of animals. They need us and there's a powerful relationship that exists between us. Brilliantly done.
  • Liz Dooley:
    30 Jun. 2019
    The central relationship in this play, between the gorilla and Myra, is so strong, and made stronger by the fact that it’s fed through casting, interaction, and performance—all without needing to make the closeness between the two explicit. Enough is said, or hinted at, to make both the tone and character dynamics at once clear and hauntingly ambiguous—that goes double for the ending, which evokes a sense of dread simply by implication. A haunting exploration on the effect that humans and animals have on each other.

Character Information

  • Myra
    An administrative assistant.
  • Jerry
    A zoo administrator.
  • The Gorilla
    A male Western Lowland gorilla.
  • Woman

Production History

  • Professional
    Primal Theatre (U.K.)


Cast Iron XI Short Play Night
Cast Iron Theatre (U.K.)