and come apart

Three daughters gather for their mother’s passing. Ancient family wounds are reopened as the audience, blindfolded for the play, eavesdrops on these women’s conversations.
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and come apart

Recommended by

  • Nick Malakhow:
    20 Nov. 2022
    An original and theatrically compelling exploration of family, grief, and how those two very personal spheres of one's life are inextricably tied to larger cultural and political ones. I appreciated how it felt the play became more expansive and symbolic as it progressed, while still not losing its specific and familial core. I am absolutely obsessed with the theatrical conceit of the audience being blindfolded and I was excited at what the aural landscape of the play would be as I read. Eager to follow the developmental trajectory of this and to experience a performance of it!
  • Playwrights Foundation:
    15 Nov. 2022
    The community of national & local readers for the 45th Bay Area Playwrights Festival (summer 2022) enthusiastically recommends AND COME APART as a Semi-Finalist at Playwrights Foundation. We were deeply moved by this play's exploration of intergenerational trauma and grief through unconventional, sensory means. We were compelled by this play's promise in its skilled use of poetic form, surrealism and distinct, recognizable characters. We hope this play is widely read, finds dedicated collaborators, and moves swiftly towards production. #BAPF2022"
  • Cheryl Bear:
    7 May. 2021
    A powerful and eye opening journey of grief and understanding as everything becomes viscerally clear. Well done.

Development History

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    University of Iowa New Play Festival

Production History

  • Workshop
    The Tank


SPACE at Ryder Farm