No Clients in Baseball (Ten Minute Play)

A Therapist goes to their kid's baseball game and runs into a client who happens to have a son on the opposing team. How many strikes will it take to get out of this?
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No Clients in Baseball (Ten Minute Play)

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  • Adam Richter:
    9 Aug. 2023
    Cringe-inducing and hilarious comedy that puts both a therapist and their client in the worst possible situation together: A little league game. I love this piece, even though it has turned me off to ever going to one of my kids' sports games ever again.
  • Paul Donnelly:
    5 Jul. 2023
    It's hard to be two average little league dads when one of you is a therapist and the other is a client. So much comic gold is mined from the aspects of the client's issues that do leak out. The therapist sure has his hands full. It's also a wonder that his poor son Jarrod can concentrate at all with his lunatic father sitting behind home plate.
  • Scott Sickles:
    4 Jul. 2023
    I think I uttered “oh no!” three times on page one! And indeed, the awkward situation only gets worse with crossed boundaries, shaky professionalism, and the temperaments of sports dads put private issues in full public view. The play uses the ball game to present intimate histories and dynamics In the context of a realistically larger world that extends far beyond the field. Fun and funny!

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  • Therapist
    The Therapist can be any gender.
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    Indiana Playwrights Circle