No Clients in Baseball (Ten Minute Play)

A Therapist goes to their kid's baseball game and runs into a client who happens to have a son on the opposing team. How many strikes will it take to get out of this?
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No Clients in Baseball (Ten Minute Play)

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  • John Busser:
    3 Aug. 2022
    There are 2 games going on in Marcia Eppich-Harris' delightful short play, and only one of them is fun (for the participants, that is). While their sons battle it out on the diamond, 2 fathers have a much more personal battle going on. One who takes things personally, and the other doing his best to keep it IMpersonal. With witty dialogue split between the two events, one on the other off the field, the game could go either way. Take me out... to the theater to see this one.

Character Information

  • Therapist
    The Therapist can be any gender.
  • Mark

Development History

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    Indiana Playwrights Circle