No Clients in Baseball (Ten Minute Play)

A Therapist goes to their kid's baseball game and runs into a client who happens to have a son on the opposing team. How many strikes will it take to get out of this?
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No Clients in Baseball (Ten Minute Play)

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  • Brenton Kniess:
    25 May. 2024
    I absolutely loved this! The dynamic between Mark and the therapist is so fun and fresh. I love the cutting back and forth and the occasional juxtaposition of baseball and the therapy sessions. This is a unique short comedy that actors and directors can have so much fun with!
  • Adam Richter:
    9 Aug. 2023
    Cringe-inducing and hilarious comedy that puts both a therapist and their client in the worst possible situation together: A little league game. I love this piece, even though it has turned me off to ever going to one of my kids' sports games ever again.
  • Paul Donnelly:
    5 Jul. 2023
    It's hard to be two average little league dads when one of you is a therapist and the other is a client. So much comic gold is mined from the aspects of the client's issues that do leak out. The therapist sure has his hands full. It's also a wonder that his poor son Jarrod can concentrate at all with his lunatic father sitting behind home plate.

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  • Therapist
    The Therapist can be any gender.
  • Mark

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    Indiana Playwrights Circle