Adam & Steve

10-MINUTE: Two unlikely strangers volunteer to spend a year together away from the world in a mysterious bunker—though what unfolds underground isn’t what either of them could ever have expected. 
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Adam & Steve

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  • Emily Hageman:
    3 Sep. 2018
    Talk about a roller coaster of a play. Just when you think you know what's going on, Bavoso yanks the rug out from under your feet. It's real, it's genuine, it's sweet--and then it's something else entirely. There is so much going on in this play--relationships between men, grieving, isolation, the longing for something gret that seems unattainable. A true retelling of the Adam and Eve story, only instead of a red apple, there's a red button. A pretty brilliant short play that gets more done in ten pages than some plays do in fifty.
  • John Crawford:
    2 Jan. 2017
    I liked it. Nice flow. Humor good. On page 8 I took a few minutes to go to a precognitive state for your ending and btw liked yours better than mine.

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