Stella Wind

[10-minute] Stephanie is an ordinary high school student by day, superhero by night. When her extracurricular activities begin to take a negative toll on her grades, her mother insists she put school first. A spoof on the teen superhero genre.
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Stella Wind

Recommended by

  • Enid Cokinos:
    6 Mar. 2024
    Bridgette Dutta Portman has penned a wonderful play. The characters interactions and comical negotiation immediately pulled me in. Stephanie: set on saving the world as Stella Wind. Mom: refusing to give into her teenage daughter’s superhero fantasies (but then again, who’s to say she’s not the leader of the Cosmonaut Quartet, dedicated to defending Earth from evil aliens bent on enslaving the human race?). A humorous story capped off with a touching mother-daughter moment. Loved it!
  • Cheryl Bear:
    26 Jul. 2020
    A highly entertaining and relatable play to every parent and child. Algebra? You've got more important things to do like save the world! Funny and well done.
  • Ellen Koivisto:
    28 Dec. 2018
    Yes! Fighting super villains takes time out from studying, so what happens to the GPA of a teen superhero? And what can her mother do about it (especially a mother who's already got her older daughter into Stanford)? For some teens, everything is more important than school. But mom knows they have to think of the future, even when the evil Nodrog is threatening San Francisco. This is a fun and remarkably truthful piece!

Character Information

  • Stephanie
    AKA Stella Wind, a teenage superhero.
  • Mom
    Her mother.

Production History

  • Professional
    The Pear Theatre, Mountain View, CA