Mister the Bear

[10-minute] Brian is haunted by the spirit of his sister Cara, who died in childhood. What does she want from him, and what does an old teddy bear have to do with it? A short play about loss, guilt, and reconciliation.
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Mister the Bear

Recommended by

  • Robyn Ginsburg Braverman:
    27 Mar. 2020
    {I directed Mister The Bear in its' professional debut at Pear Theatre.}

    The piece was an audience delight for us, and it practically directs itself. Both roles are meaty and there's much subtext to be explored. Indulge yourself in Mister The Bear's subtleties.

Character Information

  • Brian
    Late 50s/60s,
    A poet. Repressed and in denial.
  • Cara
    His deceased sister, two years younger. Appears the age she would have been if she'd survived, but there is a childishness in her speech and mannerisms.

Production History

  • Professional
    The Pear Theatre