When the chuppah disappears just minutes before the wedding, is it a sign from God? More importantly, what will the poor bride and groom use to keep the warblers from shitting on their heads during the ceremony?
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  • Cheryl Bear:
    24 Jul. 2020
    Chaos ensues as the chuppah disappears right before the wedding causing a lot of anxiety which prompts the Rabbi to give a heartwarming lesson. It was indeed a sign that all they need is love and that is the miracle. Wonderful!
  • Claudia Haas:
    13 Apr. 2020
    This is such a delicious confection to read during these times. Small miracles, new love, endearing love - there’s a gentle and very funny reminder of what is important. And one thing that is important in an outdoor wedding ceremony is protection from bird poop. I love the combination of light, love, and a reality bite. In truth, the four sticks and a pillowcase for the chuppa would work. Among the silly, Suilebhan finds sweet truths. This is born to be staged.
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    13 Sep. 2018
    THE MIRACLE OF THE CHUPPAH is a endearing and wonderful little play. It has so much humor and heart, such distinct characters, and a tenderness that got me teary eyed just from reading it off the page. Would LOVE to see this produced, it could be an excellent addition to an evening of shorts.

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    DC Dramathon