Azul and Sweetie are lifelong friends and long time rebels, living in the projects in Coney Island. When they start keeping secrets from one another and Sweetie starts to uncover buried secrets from his past, will their world fall apart?
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Recommended by

  • Unicorn Theatre:
    21 May. 2020
    This play is a FINALIST for the 2020-2021 In-Progress New Play Reading Series at Unicorn Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri. It is our pleasure to support REBELS TIL DEATH.
  • Nick Malakhow:
    4 Apr. 2020
    In just five dynamically-rendered characters, Gina Femia both tells a compelling story and provides a nuanced sense of place and time. Azul and Sweetie are excellent "nuclei" for the narrative, but Femia doesn't skimp on the humanity of Shannon, Vinnie, and Ma. Each of those three is as defined as our central protagonists. The theatrical stage pictures suggested, the dreamlike moments, and balance of melancholy atmosphere with human and funny interactions all combine to create a bold and cohesive onstage world. Lastly, I appreciated the tone of hope in this exploration of trauma, identity, and family.
  • Nelson Diaz-Marcano:
    16 Jul. 2018
    This play explores the pain we carry and the burden we are left with in such a raw and bold way that it can only be a Femia play. These characters speak our languages till they can't. Till the exposition kills the laughter, till we are left with only real life to deal with. What do you do when your rebellion is born out wanting to be seen? Put this one as another great work by this writer.

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    Playwrights Horizons
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    Alfred University