I'm Having the Worst Day

MONOLOGUE: Danielle's dad is dying so don't tell her you're having the worst day.
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I'm Having the Worst Day

Recommended by

  • Jennifer O'Grady:
    24 Jul. 2018
    This is a moving, surprising, and heartfelt piece about loss that would be a gift for any young actor.
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    2 Jul. 2018
    There are so many delicious details to dive into Hageman's I'M HAVING THE WORST DAY. The imagery of the gum, the desperation surrounding life and death, the brutal honesty of Danielle's life and expectations for the future, but there's also some really lovely humor, which creates a rich and complex monologue ready for an actor to pick up and run with. I had tears in my eyes from reading it on my computer.
  • Lee R. Lawing:
    2 Jul. 2018
    What a beautiful monologue about death and hope. This is so well done--the way it all begins about hearing another person saying they are having a bad day when Danielle is dealing with her father's pending death. The part where she talks about swallowing her gum instead of spitting it out and how the next day her dad shows a little improvement so she decides to keep swallowing the gum each visit was just so real and just one of the many moments that resonant with the reader long after this monologue is over.

Production History

  • High School
    Siouxland Christian