Space Laser, In Space!

10 MINS. Talia and David are crew-mates aboard a laser-armed satellite orbiting Earth. Faced with an unexpected and consequential choice, their disagreement about how to respond becomes a greater argument about identity, faith, and survival.

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Space Laser, In Space!

Recommended by

  • Shelby Seeley:
    17 Aug. 2023
    I had the privilege of seeing this piece performed at the 48th Annual Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Short Play Festival. This was easily one of my favorites of the festival. It was smart, suspenseful, and hilarious. The story thrusts us into space with a unique setting and high stakes, has well rounded characters, and asks important questions without stopping the flow of the action or urgency of the story. I completely bought it, even as a staged reading. Could go on forever- please read this play and consider producing it!
  • Michael C. O'Day:
    11 Aug. 2023
    A dark and propulsive delight. Blevins is juggling a lot of balls here - science fiction, workplace comedy, political satire, and Talumdic ethical debate - and does so with giddy aplomb. It's hilarious, it's heartbreaking, and it might just make you wish space lasers were real (heavy though their burden may be).
  • Jessica Feder-Birnbaum:
    28 Jul. 2023
    Truly unique, thought provoking and at times darkly funny. The "anti-semitism - who is really a Jew" trope takes a high stakes turn as Talia and David, in their laser-armed satellite must decide if they are to eliminate the evil forces that threaten to annihilate the Jewish people.

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