Super Mythology Girl Tells a Scary Story

A girl and two sock puppets dramatize the Greek myth of Erysichthon.
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Super Mythology Girl Tells a Scary Story

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  • Cheryl Bear:
    19 Jul. 2020
    A fabulous sock puppet mythology that would be so wonderful to see. It's playful, hilarious and so much fun!
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    22 Sep. 2018
    SUPER MYTHOLOGY GIRL TELLS A SCARY STORY is delightful and disturbing and I want very much to see this alive on a stage. I love the mixing of language throughout the script, the use of sock puppets is totally genius, and Simon gives any actor a gift by letting them take on this all-encompassing role. Highly recommend reading and producing this play asap!
  • Rachael Carnes:
    18 Sep. 2018
    Wahoo! Mythology AND puppets?? Be still my weirdo heart! Simon is hilarious -- Thanks NPX, for bringing this swell writer and dramaturg to my attention as a "featured reader" -- This little play is a real treat. I love it when I read something that's spinning at a high velocity, where the imaginative world of the play and the relationships and conflict therein are enough to make an enjoyable and satisfying theater moment. It's like a play for three characters, played by one off-kilter person! Looking forward to reading more of this writer's work soon.

Character Information

  • Super Mythology Girl