Wheel of Fortune Reversed

Death has come for Michael but Michael has a bucket list that only the Grim Reaper can fulfill.
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Wheel of Fortune Reversed

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  • Cole Hunter Dzubak:
    31 Jan. 2023
    I love seeing Death personified on stage. Scott Sickles brings viewers a heart warming yet haunting play that examines the peacefulness that comes after death, as well as accepting one’s fate when they know it’s coming near. Beautiful writing.
  • Christopher Plumridge:
    31 Jan. 2023
    It takes a skilled writer to write about such a subject, our own mortality in this case, and treat it with respect, sensitivity but also gentle humour. I love this interaction between Michael and the somewhat aloof Death. Their chess games play out in the strangest strategic way, as Michael is seemingly buying himself more time. The ending is truly moving too. A big question is posed; what exactly does oblivion feel like, and should we care? I very much enjoyed this short play, in fact I want to produce it!
  • Bruce Karp:
    25 Jan. 2023
    This is a lovely play, surprisingly emotional to read, that will stay with you after you experience it. Tight, crisp writing throughout. Well done!

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