More Than the Animals

After Father Anthony calls her into his office to discuss the nuns' concerns, Imogenene talks to God.
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More Than the Animals

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  • Aleks Merilo:
    15 Feb. 2019
    There are so few good monologues for young women, this refreshingly frank, no-holds bared, and wonderfully blasphemous rant heads straight for the top. Imogene is so unapologetic, it is impossible not the feel that she is the smartest one in the room. I want to spend more time with this character. Favorite line "Jesus was such an alcoholic his blood literally turned into wine."
  • Emma Goldman-Sherman:
    14 Feb. 2019
    BEAUTIFUL BEST MONOLOGUE EVER! A must read, a must get done, a must be seen by everyone!!!! Thank you Gina! This is the best! I love Imogene and you!!!
  • Lee R. Lawing:
    11 Nov. 2018
    Give me more of Imogene!!! She pretty much speaks for me when it comes to all things religious!!! Such a breath of fresh air!!

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