It's Always the Quiet Ones

Andy gets a lot more than he bargained for after swiping right on Tinder. A lot more...
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It's Always the Quiet Ones

Recommended by

  • Asher Wyndham:
    3 Aug. 2019
    Bohannon is one of the few playwrights on NPX that can make me laugh out loud!
  • Rachael Carnes:
    2 Aug. 2019
    No, really. READ THIS PLAY. I recommended it a year ago and just re-read it to console myself for missing Sharai's play in London alongside mine when I'm home folding laundry and eating leftovers. Damnit! Oh well - for ten minutes, I was happy, laughing, loving life. Do yourself a favor, and read the funniest play *ever*. It's just brilliant.
  • Lee R. Lawing:
    19 Sep. 2018
    A play that goes on and on with twists and turns in its wild and very funny short ride. I love that this could play in almost any festival out there because it has so many levels it's working on. Bohannon always impresses me and this is another example of well done magic.

Production History

  • Fringe
    Eclectic Full Contact Theatre