Scenes From a Night's Dream

What do our dreams mean? Moving through spaces both familiar and frightening, featuring shadows of recognizable people and places, shrouding unspoken desires, envy, fear and shame. “Scenes from a Night’s Dream” immerses the audience in one person’s manic dreams, then launches them unsteadily into the waking world, to decipher an unsettling subconscious mystery.
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Scenes From a Night's Dream

Recommended by

  • Ricardo Soltero-Brown:
    2 Jul. 2023
    The world at twelve years old starts to reveal its size, and puberty is no help. The imagination goes down alleys it's only become aware of. The great secret of adulthood: sex. With it, shame takes natural weight. Hansen investigates the fears and anxieties accompanying this vulnerable time with all the finesse of Strindberg, Churchill, McPherson, Havel, Lynch and, yes, McCay; but with his unique comic timing so often based in awkwardness. Not an easy tactic, but he accomplishes it for subjects spanning authority, suicide, sexuality, trauma, then with a second act that asks if it can be tastefully done.

Character Information

  • Wife
    Also plays Mom.
  • Therapist
    Also plays Colleague.
  • Stylist
    Also plays Stylist.
  • Son
    A teenage young man. Must be played by an adult.
  • Nemo
    An eleven year-old boy. Must be played by an adult actor. Also plays GrubHub Guy.
  • Mom
    Also plays Wife.
  • Man
    A threatening presence. Also plays Boss.
  • Jesus
    Also plays DJ and Author.
  • Jenny
    A teenage girl. Must be played by an adult. Also plays Intern.
  • Intern
    A teenage young woman. Must be played by an adult. Also plays Jenny.
  • DoorDash Guy
    Also plays Nemo.
  • DJ
    Also Plays Jesus and Author.
  • David
    Also plays Dad.
  • Dad
    Also plays David.
  • Colleague
    Also plays Therapist.
  • Camille
    An eleven year-old girl. Must be played by an adult. Also plays Stylist.
  • Brother
    A teenage young man. Must be played by an adult.
  • Boss
    Also plays Man.
  • Author
    Also plays Jesus and DJ.

Development History


Creative Writing Scholarship
Cleveland State University