ONE ACT: Over the course of a year, Sid, a college sophomore, learns to deal with Chelsea, a ghost of a former middle school acquaintance. Published script available from Bottlecap Press.
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  • Chase Wheaton-Werle:
    25 Feb. 2024
    Muted says so much while the characters speak so little. We are granted but sparse poignant glimpses into the life (and afterlife) of the characters in this tight three-hander.

    From the jump, the audience is primed to look for the story between the lines: in a glance, in a word unsaid, in a private moment. And the more you look, the more you are rewarded, as even in the order of these vignettes, you can see the play’s two halves reflect each other, hinged by a pivotal moment of self-reflection.

    A sure-fire winner in 40 minutes
  • Michael Jones:
    24 Feb. 2024
    A haunted house. But sad. A beautiful play that lingers on you.

    I root for Sid, not because he's right, but because I was once wrong.
  • Patrick Vermillion:
    20 Feb. 2024
    Muted is a play about the ways in which we are tied to the people who leave too soon - whether they were close family members or an old classmate crush. It's about a very specific type of haunting - a form of guilt that is as inexplicable and unsolvable as the death that originates it. What do we owe the ghosts who live in our head? How do we live up to the opportunities we are given that they never had? A play that reaffirms how kindness is necessary in a cruel and indifferent world.

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