The Great Fish & Jonah

ONE-ACT: Jonah (yes, that Jonah, the one from the Bible) and the great fish are friends.

Performed as part of Burien Actors Theatre Playwrights Festival, Burien, WA, May 2019, directed by Rachel Rene. First-place winner, one-act category.

Performed as part of Spokane Civic Theatre Playwrights Forum Festival; Spokane, WA; June 2019, directed by Matthew Harget. Received Adjudicator's Award.
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The Great Fish & Jonah

Recommended by

  • Cheryl Bear:
    25 Apr. 2020
    A completely delightful biblical tale of Jonah and Herman the fish. Clever, engaging and very well done!
  • Tristen Canfield:
    28 Jun. 2019
    I recently had the pleasure of performing in this gem of a piece. A touching, hilarious, delightful biblical adaptation with a heaping spoonful of social commentary added in for good measure, the play was well received for its clever insight and gentle wisdom. The script also won the festival's Adjudicators' Choice award, on its own merit without help from the performance, by a panel of judges who read and compared each script in the show. I highly recommend this play.
  • Kate Danley:
    25 Jun. 2019
    Totally delightful with a side helping of thoughtful examination of friendship, fate, and calling. A fantastic opportunity for an actress to own the stage. I saw this at the Spokane Civic Theatre Playwrights Forum Festival and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Character Information

    Yup. That Jonah. The one from the Bible.
  • HERMAN (voice-over only)
    A great fish. You might be tempted to think "whale," but don't.