This Is Not a Noh Play

Nina, a young Japanese woman who's split her life between Tokyo and New Jersey, has always struggled with the ghosts of her past. Except this time, the ghost is real – and it's her dead friend.

2023 Eugene O'Neill NPC Finalist.
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This Is Not a Noh Play

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  • Matthew Linder:
    21 Sep. 2023
    This play has so many small things working for it that make it into something great and wonderful. The conversational tone is masterfully done and the humor is well-placed to give it just a little extra life (haha).

    But what really drives this play is the relationships, which are so thoroughly explained, explored, and shown but never in your face. After an hour and a half of reading it, I reached the end, and I felt a gut punch that made me truly appreciate how this play was written.

    Amazing work. I hope you keep writing!
  • A. René Gutierrez:
    21 Sep. 2023
    This play was a piercingly poignant look at how death, depression, and suicide affect those who have to deal with the aftermath, while also portraying some of the darker sides of an old and rich culture. I will be returning to this play.
  • Shaun Leisher:
    15 Sep. 2023
    Loved this look into how death impacts people differently.