Near Nellie Bly

(Gulfshore Playhouse New Works Festival, 2019)
(O'Neill Semi-Finalist)

Nellie Bly, aspiring daredevil reporter, went undercover in an insane asylum on Blackwell's Island (now Roosevelt Island) in New York City, 1887. There she befriended a patient named Anne Neville. After 10 days, Nellie was released. Anne stayed. This play tells the above story from Anne Neville’s perspective.
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Near Nellie Bly

Recommended by

  • Duncan Pflaster:
    22 Oct. 2020
    A moving and interesting adaptation of Nellie Bly's story, Loewenstern delves deeply into proto-feminist ideas and notions and not only tells the story of Nellie's investigation into Blackwell's Island Insane Asylum, also draws a vivid picture of the abuses perpetrated upon those women incarcerated there.
  • Jennifer O'Grady:
    11 Jan. 2020
    Terrific, theatrical play about a forgotten woman and a famous one. I would love to see this staged.
  • Rich Rubin:
    16 Sep. 2019
    A bold and thrilling work of theater -- multilayered, cinematic and extremely powerful. In addition to presenting the fascinating, nineteenth century story of Anne Neville and Nellie Bly, the play's time-shifting structure touches on both the distant past and the distant future. It's a wild ride, but we know from the start that we're in the hands of a master playwright. Highly recommended!

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    Gulfshore Playhouse, Naples, FL


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