It’s company outing day, and Laura, one of the top travel agents of her generation, is having the best / worst day of her life. So much so that she decides to end it all. Afterwards, her colleagues try to piece things together on a memorial blog, but how do you mourn someone you didn’t know that well?
A comedy about depression, or: a treatise on travel agents who don’t travel.
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Recommended by

  • Julia Bumke:
    24 Jul. 2018
    Both slyly funny and quietly devastating, LAURA AND THE SEA balances its light and darkness to electrifying effect. The piece’s playing space is both mundane office and boat-scape, a place where “realities bend and overlap,” where emails are embodied by people and an in memoriam blog projects larger than life onto the boat’s sail. It's a wildly creative conceit that brings its performers' physicality to the forefront.
  • Ryan Dumas:
    20 Feb. 2018
    Unlike any other play I've read, in the best of ways. A drama/comedy about the people we work with--the people we spend so much time with, yet don't know at all. Structurally innovative and ingenious, this play sticks with me long after I first read it.
  • Adam Szymkowicz:
    17 May. 2017

Development History

  • Workshop
    Salt Lake Acting Company
  • Workshop
    Playwrights' Center