It’s company outing day, and Laura, one of the top travel agents of her generation, is having the best / worst day of her life. So much so that she decides to end it all. Afterwards, her colleagues try to piece things together on a memorial blog, but how do you mourn someone you didn’t know that well?
A comedy about depression, or: a treatise on travel agents who don’t travel.
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Recommended by

  • Cheryl Bear:
    21 Jul. 2020
    How sad is it really that we seem to know so little about those we spend the most time with, our coworkers. An eye opening piece to forming deep connections with those we come across, not just looking for their positive happy traits. Well done.
  • Julia Bumke:
    24 Jul. 2018
    Both slyly funny and quietly devastating, LAURA AND THE SEA balances its light and darkness to electrifying effect. The piece’s playing space is both mundane office and boat-scape, a place where “realities bend and overlap,” where emails are embodied by people and an in memoriam blog projects larger than life onto the boat’s sail. It's a wildly creative conceit that brings its performers' physicality to the forefront.
  • Ryan Dumas:
    20 Feb. 2018
    Unlike any other play I've read, in the best of ways. A drama/comedy about the people we work with--the people we spend so much time with, yet don't know at all. Structurally innovative and ingenious, this play sticks with me long after I first read it.

Development History

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    Salt Lake Acting Company
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    Playwrights' Center